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Beddau Community Church

Beddau Square



CF38 2AA


Andrew Williams             01443 202006

Church office                   01443208811



Charity Number 251549 


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good afternoon, I’m hoping to find information on your Christmas Eve and Christmas services. Will you be having s service(s) on those days? Thank you!

    1. Hi Emily,
      We will be having a Carol Service on 20th December at 6pm with refreshments following, and a Christmas Eve service at 6pm.
      Find us on Facebook for more details closer to the time or keep an eye on the website.
      We hope to see you there!
      – Beddau Community Church

  2. Will you please pray for us again? Sorry to list so many names and issues, but we actually really need this prayer. Will you please pray for Jim and Yung, Noreen, Kathleen, Izzy, Cheryl, Vicky, Nicky, Stella, Bobbi, Sarah, Carmella, Maria, Cassie, Phu, Yuli, Joe and his wife… and ALL our families and ALL we love too, PLEASE? Please pray God will help ALL of us in all 25 of these areas: (1) relationships with Jesus, each other and all (2) total and permanent health, healing, deliverance and wholeness (3) protective keeping in all things, lifelong (4) to fulfill every purpose of God for our lives, big and small things (5) for a PRESENT and ENDLESS MOVE of the Holy Spirit to fall on us and remain on us (6) for such a strong move of God to fall on us, that whether we use words or not, that God will MOVE people to surrender all to Jesus in a permanent way, and also receive the fullness of the Person and POWER of the Holy Spirit (7) wisdom (8) self-control (9) time management (10) provisions (11) for ONLY the mind of Christ at all times, lifelong (12) focus, discipline, scheduling and simplifying in all possible ways (13) favor with God and people (14) for ALL God’s influences to be in our lives, NONE else ever (15) to overcome and be kept from all hindrances, attacks, obstacles, distractions and deceptions in life, lifelong (16) favor with God and people, even “enemies”, (17) for evident breakthroughs and miracles in many areas (18) for victory in all spiritual battles of life (19) never to speak or listen to anything not birthed by the Holy Spirit (20) faith, hope, love, calm and the peace of God to define every part of our lives, lifelong (21) to fail at NOTHING, EVER (22) for places to gather where the Holy Spirit ALONE leads and directs EVERYTHING (23) to have time daily alone with the REAL Jesus, and in the Word of God, lifelong (24) that God will help, heal, move upon, stir and guide our pastors, leaders, ministries, churches and THE global church to PRAY and to add prayer to ALL of our gatherings, especially in these days. That they will preach often on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and pray often for people to get it (if they don’t, who will?), and that they will also bring the people down to the front to wait in God’s presence like the old-timer’s used to do, to let God TRULY empty EVERY person of all that was not birthed by the Holy Spirit, and create and environment for the Spirit to fall again, and that God WILL fall on us all again. (who else is going to do this if they don’t?) (25) pray God will also help ALL of us in EVERY other area of our lives too, and connect us to HIS helpers who DO truly help us in all things *** Please pray for 8 other very important requests? (a) that God will save the souls of and stop and prevent all the violent in the USA and world (b) that God will help a man I know who has a job he is incapable of doing. He is getting many people in great debt. Pray God will IMMEDIATELY remove him to a job he is able to do, from God, and help those he has hurt (c) pray for a man and woman both disturbed and troubled. Pray God will deliver them and heal their relationship with Jesus and each other, and get them whole and right to live God’s life for them (d) pray for another woman I know and the man she met some months ago, both are Christians hungry for deeper things in God. Pray God will do HIS will in their lives alone and together as according to His will (e) pray for repentance and a Pentecostal Revival and Pentecostal Awakening to come to the USA and whole world NOW (f) pray for the Christians and others suffering in the middle east, for real help and Divine visitation to all (g) please pray for and keep in prayer for God to forgive, pity, give grace and mercy to, and to intervene in the USA and world and our elections, debates, town-hall-meetings, national and global events, media influencing and commercials, judicial and legislative appointments and rulings. Pray God will spare us and intervene with grace. (h) pray God will deliver and save the souls of the many people I know with addictions and struggles to: drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, immorality, literal witchcraft, mental illness, fear, bitterness, sins of all kinds and all overeating (in a starving world) and all unhealthy eating too. Pray God will set them free NOW ** I write without sending an email or phone number, just begging you for prayer, please? Thank you.

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