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Beddau community church, formerly known as ‘the Gelynog’  has been filled with all different types of people over the years. with its once, label as a ‘Trouble hot-spot’ It has been given a new lease of life, not only has it been refurbished, and freshened up, but the barrels and pint glasses have now GONE! after the magistrates refused to grant a new licence for the troubles public house of beddau, members of Elim Pentecostal church decided it would be the perfect place to breath new life in to the village.

The church was bought and the hard work was taken on by people of all ages. “It was in a right mess when we first came in,” said Mr Smith. “The roof had a big hole in it where thieves had broken in to steal all the copper piping and it needed a lot of work doing to it.”  Almost a decade later, the doors opened to the people of Beddau and Elim Community Church was born!

During the time of renovation, and for many years after Reverend Raymond Smith guided the church through the toils and troubles of bringing a new life to a small village.

In 2004 BBC News wrote an article which would grab many peoples attention and put Beddau Community Church on the map!

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Pastor Andrew Williams now leads the church and has been a refreshing asset to the family. With a family of his own, he has brought new life to our home. he has an inspirational way of words which always leaves you hungry for more at the end of his sermons.

Charity Number 251549

2 thoughts on “History

  1. Hi Andrew…wondering if we can have a chat about sports chaplaincy.
    I am Director of Sports Chaplaincy UK for Wales and chaplain to the Blues…
    Every blessing Martin

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