Friday Night Youth

Starting back – 12th September!

7:00-9:00pm every Friday (excluding holidays)

At Beddau Community Church, we welcome the local youth (ages 12+) and provide them with a warm, safe space to chill out and have some fun! We provide free drinks and snacks for all but also run a tuck shop where we sell sweets and chocolate, the money we raise from this will go towards future trips which we intend to have.

We have table tennis, pool/snooker, air hockey, hockey, football, wii, xbox and are continually looking for more ways to keep our youth up-to-date, fun and imaginative!

DSC_1020DSC_1026 DSC_1040

Our youth has a friendly, positive atmosphere, with our youth leaders always on hand to join in the fun, we like to know everyone feels welcome. Diverse and open minded, all who join in the Friday night fun, always leave with smiles on their faces, looking forward to next weeks chill-out!

Youth Leaders

Andrew Williams (Pastor)

Elaine Vickery

Natasha Hickman

Ben Vickery

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